Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tax rate?
Sales tax is 6%


Are there any additional charges if I use Aurora Chauffeur Transportation on a holiday?
A $25 holiday surcharge will be added for New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, & Christmas Day.  100% of the fee goes to the chauffeur.


Are there any additional charges for International arrivals at the Atlanta airport?
There is a $25 surcharge for International Arrivals.


What happens when I give you my credit card for payment?
Your credit card is pre-authorized for the estimated charges of your trip.  This reserves that portion of your available credit so at the completion of the trip, the trip amount can be charged.  Please be aware that if you provide a debt card, your issuing bank will treat the pre-authorization as a pending charge and will withhold that amount from your account until completion of the charge.  The total estimated trip amount plus 10% will be pre-authorized 24 hours prior to your trip. After the trip has been completed our billing department will audit for any applicable additional charges/time and charge the trip to the card on file unless other accepted payment arrangements have been made in advance. We cannot send a vehicle without a valid credit card pre-authorization.  Due to the risk of credit card fraud, we require the card holders name, billing address and zip code to match the credit card company’s information (AVS Match).


I’m getting married and I only need to be picked up at the venue and taken to the airport. How much would the trip cost?
Wedding transfers in a sedan within our operating area will be charged at standard rate plus $25 special event fee, tax, STC charge, & gratuity.


I don’t want to pay wait time at the concert, can I do that?
6-hour time gap required between same client transfers in vehicle types other than sedans and SUVs.


I need a bus all day. How do you charge for that?
We charge a discounted day rate for the vehicle and each hour past the 10-hour day rate will be charged at the total vehicle hourly charter rate.


Can I smoke in your vehicles?
Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles.


Can I bring drinks on my trip with me?
You are free to bring your own beverages, but we cannot purchase them on your behalf.  For your convenience, we provide complimentary chilled bottled water or sodas in our sedans, SUVs, vans, limo bus & limousines. Please call us for other requests.


What if I want to have drinks in minibuses or coaches?
A $75 clean-up fee will be added for beverage services on minibuses and coaches.


What happens if I damage something in one of the vehicles?
Any damages will be billed at the cost of repairs to the credit card on file.


What happens if one of my guests gets sick in the vehicle?
Excessive clean-up including spills of staining fluids, ANY bodily fluids, or odors will incur additional clean-up charges for labor and materials of contaminated surfaces – minimum of $300.  Please remember we pull the vehicle from service for several days to go through a thorough cleaning and sanitizing procedure by our vehicle prep staff, during which time it cannot be used for other clients.


Do you have cameras in your vehicles?
Vehicles may be equipped with visual and audio accident recorders for the safety of our personnel and the protection against civil liabilities in certain circumstances including accident documentation and of incidents which may warrant the manual activation of this system to document unruly, illegal or dangerous situations based solely upon our discretion.


If I book a charter, when does my time start?
Travel time for Atlanta locations within our operating area is computed from the time the vehicle arrives at the pick-up point to the time it returns to the drop-off point (door to door). Additional travel time will be added for locations beyond our zone 4 operating area.


How long will my chauffeur wait for me at the airport before I get charged?
Atlanta airport transfers are subject to the following conditions: -Domestic Flights – For vehicles departing up to 45 minutes after flight arrival time there is no additional charge, after 45 minutes an airport transfer reverts to charter rates.


How much time will my chauffeur wait for at my hotel before I get charged?
All transfers except commercial flights from Atlanta airport are subject to the following wait time: -First 15 minutes past scheduled pickup time are no charge. -After 15 minutes the trip will be charged at the base vehicle hourly rate in 15-minute increments.


Does it cost me more to have my chauffeur meet me inside the airport?
We do not charge extra like our competitors for chauffeurs to meet you at the chauffeur stand near the entrance to the baggage claim area for your respective airline for all sedan, suv, & passenger van transfers.


Are there special meeting procedures for limousines at the airport?
Arrival procedures for limousines, passenger vans, and buses arriving on a single flight are scheduled as curbside pickup due to airport parking height restrictions. A separate greeter is available to meet you at the entrance of your flights baggage claim are for an additional $50.  The greeter will collect your party and escort you to the waiting vehicle curbside.


What are the meeting procedures if I have a large group?
For group arrivals – greet staff is available for $40 per hour/per greeter with a 3-hour minimum.


I have never booked a trip Aurora Chauffeur before. Do I have to pay a deposit for my trip?
Most multiple vehicle movements and multi-day over the road minibus and coach charters – require a 50% deposit upon reservation and 50% balance due 14 days prior to charter.
All prom and special events must be secured by a non-refundable deposit – 50% at booking and balance due 14 days prior to pick up.


What is Aurora Chauffeur’s cancellation policy?
Your trip is considered a billable late cancel if you cancel or change your scheduled pickup time within the following guidelines prior to your scheduled pickup:

  • 0 to 2 Hours before pick-up – Any vehicle cancelled within two hours of scheduled pickup will be a late cancel billed at the full trip price.

  • 0 to 2 Hours before pick-up – Sedans, SUVs, Passenger Vans, & Van Terras, late cancel billed at the full trip price.

  • 2 to 24 Hours before pick-up – International Trips in sedans, SUVs, Passenger Vans, & Van Terras, late cancel billed at the full trip price.

  • 2 to 48 Hours before pick-up – Stretch Limousines, Minibuses & Activity Buses, late cancel billed at the vehicle base rate multiplied by minimum hours plus sales tax.

  • 2 to 72 Hours before pick-up – Limo-Buses & Motor coaches, late cancel billed at vehicle base rate multiplied by minimum hours plus service charges & sales tax.

  • $100 Fee applies to Activity Bus cancelations due to weather.


Will I be charged a fee if I am not able to make my trip?
A customer’s failure to show up at the designated pick-up location will be charged a “No show” fee for the entire amount of the trip. If you cannot locate your chauffeur, you must notify us by phone to avoid a “No Show” charge.


Can Aurora Chauffeur cancel my trip for any reason?
We reserve the right to terminate a trip for unruly, threatening, or unsafe behavior by passengers at any time.

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